SwissBorg: Swiss WealthTech startup Raises USD 50 Million

The first FinTech DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) funded through an ICO

Friday, January 12, 2018 — Within the first 4 hours, the ICO reached the 5 million CHF soft cap. The hard cap of 50,000,000 CHF was reached one day ahead of the final date of the ICO. SwissBorg’s ICO finished January 9th and became the biggest in Swiss Romandy.

The company offered the multi-utility CHSB token. All CHSB token holders will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the SwissBorg network through the concept of “proof of meritocracy”, where active participants will be rewarded through referendum processes on the technical developments related to the SwissBorg platform.

Also, CHSB Token holders will have priority access to SwissBorg’s wealth management products and services — the Off-Chain Crypto Hedge Fund (Q1), the Smart Index Crypto Fund (Q2) and more products and services throughout the Road-Map. The Off-Chain Crypto Hedge Fund is an Absolute Return Hedge Fund aiming to provide a higher level of investment safety and capital preservation by investing in a diversified set of strategies and frequently hedging market risk.

SwissBorg is the first cryptocurrency wealth management platform based on blockchain technology, developed in Lausanne, Switzerland by financial experts. Utilizing the community-centric approach, SwissBorg aims to revolutionise investment in crypto assets.

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